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Sanshilp Infra- An architectural firm, started by three eminent architects wanted a logo with a meaningful story. The logo had to be relevant to the customer and their business DNA. It should connect to the real brand ambassadors- the people. The new logo design should associate with architectural qualities of line, space and form, the triangle was divided with lines. The triangle represents three heads- the three founders. The upward position of the triangle shows growth and positivity. The smaller triangle in red, created by intersection of two lines is the heart of business. The look of the logo reminds us of one of the biggest architectural symbols- The great pyramids. The colour palate denotes strength and diversity. Both qualities are found in a successful business house. The logo identity created is visually unique, evocative and synergise with the promise inherent to Sanshilp Infra as a brand. Brij design studio, creates logos and brand identities that are unique and memorable. With an experience of over a decade in the field of graphic design and communication, we specialise in creating brand identities, website design and development and packaging design in Mumbai and India.