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Success of any online business in this competitive market depends on the customization of the services and the skills of leveraging the latest technology to convert visitors to loyal customers. By developing a customized Ecommerce website, for, we were able to help Joules by Radhika's clients to access their website with ease and as per their convenience. We make sure that trustworthiness, simplicity and responsiveness are incorporated into every ecommerce website we design. Trustworthiness: For the shopper to feel secure, we make websites that builds a sense of trust among shoppers. Simplicity and ease of use: The website design and content should be simple in functionality and design. It should engage the visitors and guide them correctly. We give equal importance to user interface (ui), user experience (ux) and seo while designing any website. Responsiveness: Website should be responsive to any device like desktop computer, tablet, smartphone or any mobile devices. Our coding and development team is good at this. Branding no longer stops and ends with a physical product, it now has a second life past the shelf and in the digital sphere. Websites and social media have become integral to building not just a brand story, but a working relationship with customers.