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Brand identity and packaging design for incense sticks- Sugandh Mandir, was carried out strategically at Brij design studio. Sugandh mandir has carefully selected three fragrances- sandal, rose and mogra. They are meant to relieve stress and bring out a soothing exotic scent. This was conveyed in the respective packaging boxes with the colours and images. The circular emblem with copy, "nature identical" written is very strikingly positioned as it is also the brand USP. These aesthetic concern are the heart of the packaging. It is done to maximize the artistic appeal of the products on the display shelf. The outer box has a very pleasing and soothing colour scheme. The brand logo's element -lotus is used in the packaging design very subtly yet impact fully. The logo positioned in the centre gives better shelf visibility and brand recognition. Overall look of the box justifies the product as being soothing and relaxing.