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The hunger to learn more, and do better has helped the team at Brij Design Studio stay out of the box and fresh. Cereal food brand GRANUM's website was designed with best UX(user experience) and UI(user interface). This process involved identifying which problems need to be solved, how the user flow will play out, and determining key product areas and hierarchies. A great user experience (UX), makes sure someone visit your site and enjoy every portion of it. A visitor visiting would most likely maneuver around the site and find everything they're looking for. User interface (UI) should be easy to understand and interact. The website subtly guides the users from where they are to where they need to go. This was achieved with the use of several elements such as colours, typography and visual hierarchies. Interface is also kept consistent throughout the website. This was achieved by not re-inventing the wheel on each part of the site and reinforcing the most important facets of the design at each turn. As the users navigates through the designs, they are made to feel at ease. Website is mobile friendly, and responsive. The brand promise of healthy and safe baby food brand in India comes across easily in the website.